Holidays are coming and there's no stopping them. In this growing agitation, loads of glowing windows and social feeds, days before the Day X I was feeling left out and wrapped up in finishing projects completely unrelated to the New Year.
I sent out final files for my job and suddenly remembered my cat, not the proper, lazy, and ignorant of boxes, plastic bags and Christmas lights one I live with now (which, by the way, I'm still crazy about), but the little insane diva cat I had back home in Ukraine, who tried out my nerves and her luck, and was charming at it!
One year, when we just put up a New Year tree with a whole collection of old Soviet ornaments and left the room...well,  you can guess the rest... 
This memory made me convulsively scribble in my sketchbook and then in photoshop. I wanted to share this vision of the destructive essence of horrific beasts we love to get the overwhelming degree of cutie pie-ness out of my system... and hopefully, get some into yours!
​So here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And here's the process:
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